Children are NOT natural born perpetrators of violence

A number of research results show that children’s acts of violence are often rooted in a history of abuse or maltreatment at home or in the community. It is clear that ‘victims’ are at general risk of becoming aggressors themselves. ‘Together Against Violence’ project is in search of answers to some fundamental questions:

  • What do adolescents perceive as violent behavior?
  • Which are the risk factors in the development of youth violence and which are the protective ones?
  • What is the social context of the phenomenon in three European societies and how does the state perceive, treat and regulate this?


The answers

Based on these answers a team of professionals will offer concrete recommendations for more effective prevention of repeat violence to children who have resorted to violence not as criminals but rather as needing support. The will spread the word and serve as a resource of all the project’s achievements.

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