International expert meeting

An international expert meeting took place to discuss the project “Together against violence” in Sofia on 26 and 27 April 2014. The project is funded by the European Commission’s programme DAPHNE III/ JUST/2011/DAP/AG/3491

The meeting was held in the FICE-Bulgaria office on 33 Shesti Septemvri Street, Sofia. The new participants in the project were presented – Dashenka Kraleva, project manager and recommendation expert and Alexander Milanov, information dissemination expert and project co-ordinator.

The first bulletin with information about the project and the website of the project were presented to the participants in the meeting. The participants in the meeting did a review of the work that had been done until then and looked through the research reports from the two previous work streams. The review was necessary in order to get a better connection between the research into the systems for prevention of violence against children and the suggestions that have been prepared.

The highlight of the meeting was the discussion of suggestions for better effectiveness of work with children, who had been repeatedly violent. Good practices as well as malpractices in the three countries were considered during the two-day meeting. Common problems and different methods of preventive and correction work with children in conflict with the law, children with deviant and delinquent behavior, were outlined, too. The recommendation experts discussed the features of different standards and trends in the three countries as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

During the work meetings the project team discussed and clarified some of the aspects of the organization of the three national conferences in the three countries and the final conference in Barcelona, Spain.

In conclusion, the meeting can be described as very beneficial. The work of all the experts was planned for the remaining months until the end of the project.

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