After a year-long pause the FICE bulletin has returned! The bulletin will continue to be a professional digest and to inform you about new practices, events, ideas and projects, concerning children and families. The team of FICE Bulgaria is always wide open for your opinions, comments, articles and interesting information, which will find their place in the bulletin. In 2014 the FICE bulletin will have three editions, which will point at the topic
of violence as an antisocial act of children. You will read about the phenomenon of antisocial act, research and assessment on the factors resulting in acts of violence the effectiveness of the system of services for support of the perpetrators and their families, recommendations for improvement of their effectiveness.

All those are part of “Together against violence” project activities, which is being implemented by FICE Bulgaria in partnership with Resilis Foundation Spain and Therapeutic communities, Austria. The project is financed by DAPHNE program of the European Union. The bulletin will be published on the website of the project as well: www.tav-eu.org

Bulletin January 2014

brochure1_final • Together against violence
• Combat child deviant and delinquent behavior – system description in
• Analysis of the system for prevention and combat of violence with
adolescent perpetrators. The case of Catalonia
• The system for work wih children and violence in Austria
• New Perspectives Project
• I can – give me a chance Project
• The magic world of remelka or special attention to every child


Bulletin June 2014

brochure2_final● Admission of the new FICE Strategic Plan 2014-2020
● News about the trainings which are organized by educational center “TRACE”
● Presenting the book “Help and punishment – Can they go together?”
● Project results of project “Together Against Violence”. Introduction of legal report, related to children perpetrators of violence in Austria
● Research of UNICEF on the topic “Promoting equitable access to justice for all children”
● Successful start of project “Encouraging youth participation in Bulgaria”
● Article on the subject “Quality management systems – relationship between theory and practice”
● The specifics about social information technology in the quality and evaluation of childcare
● Continuation of the article from the previous issue “The magic world of Remelka or special attention to every child”

Bulletin December 2014

● General Assembly of FICE-Bulgaria
● Project results of project “Together Against Violence”. Introduction of compendium with research reports and recommendations.
● Federal Council of FICE-International took place in Barcelona
● Presenting new knowledge for support and safety of the children refugees in Bulgaria
● New activities of the civil company “Together for the children” in implementing the project “Childhood for all”
● Successful ending of project “TRAIN KOSOZIAL”

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