Federal Association of Therapeutic Communities of Austria

The Federal Association of Therapeutic Communities of Austria is a Non-Profit / Non-Governmental Organization (NPO/NGO) founded in 1999. The work is based on the individual, abandonment free relation and continuous upbringing and education of children and adolescents, in family-like structures. In the living communities are male children and adolescents, who can’t be taken care of in other institutes, due to their social and psychological troubles, and their need of special care taking.

The team is aware that children in difficult circumstances find it hard to have a well-ordered life, that’s why the professionals make an effort to establish a comfortable environment that offers a feeling of security and allows the best possible development of the children. The main goal is the return of the children to their families and to prepare them for a self-dependent and a in the society included life.

The organization provides individual support arrangements for currently 23 children

Constant care takers look after the children and their every day life 24/7; 365 days. The structure is already therapy: meaning that the professionals are taking care of a well-regulated daily routine and care for a harmonic and stable life. With individualized personal instruction, group methods, education and work with the families the team can offer the clients best possible strategies for conflict solutions and meet the organizations goals.

The caregivers are highly qualified experts who are taking care of the children in a multi-professional team of up to 6 persons in each living community. The team gets advice and help of experts of child protection and children rights, children- and youth psychotherapy, occupational therapy, logopedics, child- and youth psychiatry and psychology.

  • The staff is educated continuously to be flexible in the specific work with the clients and to offer individual adjusted support (e.g. psychodrama and trauma pedagogy).
  • To expand the know-how, The Therapeutic Communities are having contact to colleagues from Austria as well as from abroad and work close with all authorities in charge.
  • With continuous exchange of the experiences and findings within the team, the organization develops, strengthens and stabilizes collective knowledge.
  • The Therapeutic Communities endeavor to put the knowledge to use. Currently the team is working on various projects in Austria and abroad to establish 10 more places for children.

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