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Fundació Resilis was set up as a non profit-making entity in 2006 under the guidance of the Fundació Plataforma Educativa (Educational Platform Foundation). Our main objective is the management and development of projects, programmes and care services for children and young people in situations of exclusion, risk or serious difficulty.

It takes its name from the concept of resilience, a term coming from physics and adapted to the social sciences that refers to the capacity of individuals to develop to their full potential despite the presence of destabilising events and difficult circumstances. With this definition in mind, our foundation wishes to stimulate the capacity for resilience in the people that we serve, without forgetting every individual’s role in their story and in their route towards a full and independent life.

The backbone of all our actions

  • The promotion of equal opportunities;
  • Well-being and quality of life;
  • Helping the people we serve to live independent lives

We develop it serving them in a personal way, always vigilant about the rights of children and the promotion of people in society.

From the beginning Resilis has taken over the direct management of projects, centres and services in this sphere from Fundació Plataforma Educativa. By means of this relay come 20 years of first-hand experience in the sector, which provides a wealth of important knowledge despite the Fundació’s youth.

The Fundació was set up in Girona, with a Catalan identity, and with its premises exclusively in Catalunya. Its headquarters are situated at Garrotxa Street, 7-9, in the city of Girona. We design, manage, introduce and develop projects, programmes and services, addressed at children and young people at social risk. We carry out this work in collaboration with the different local administrations, counties and regions that have put their trust in us through different ventures, agreements and management contracts.

The organisation also has established as one of its goals to promote the rights of children through organising activities that society participates in, to help show the unknown realities of the life of children and youths who are at risk, isolated or with serious difficulties.

We are managing 17 projects

The services attend and cater to children aged 0-17 who are under a protective administrative measure, in 3 different kinds of service: Residential Centre (CRAE), Intensive Education Residential Centre (CREI), and Reception Residential Centre (CA) along with Diagnostic Team in Reception Centre (ETCA). On the other hand, the non-residential services include a Day Centre for children at social risk and another called Punt Òmnia; of which the purpose is to give response to social need and demand based on the access to information and communication technologies. Both of them are communitarian and have a preventive, social and educational program.

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