On the 5th and 6th November 2014 was held in Barcelona the International Conference of the project Together Against Violence, funded by the Daphne III Programme of the EU. The event took place at the Casa Macaya, managed by La Caixa Foundation and was attended by more than one hundred participants.


The conference brought together members of the three organizations involved in the project, the Association for Pedagogical and Social Assistance for Children FICE – Bulgaria(BG),Resilis Foundation(ES), and the Federal Association of Therapeutic Communities of Austria (AT) as well as international speakers and representatives of the local and regional authorities. Among the participants were also other members of FICE-International from Serbia, Finland, Kenya, Israel, Netherlands, Switzerland and others.


The event began on November 5 with the welcome words of Mr. Jaume Lanaspa, trustee of the “La Caixa” Foundation, Mrs. Dashenka Kraleva, Manager of the “Together Against Violence” Project and President of FICE International. This was followed by the keynote speech on “Intervision – peer support” held by Mrs. Martina Erpenbeck, Coach at the organization Interact Dialog (Germany).


After the presentation, Mr. Alexander Milanov, the Project Coordinator, presented the general and common goals of the project Together Against Violence.

Mrs. Kathrina Gerlich (TG Austria), Mrs. Dashenka Kraleva (FICE Bulgaria) and Dr. Daniel Fierro (Foundation Resilis) were responsible for presenting the research concerning the factors that lead to violence among children and the description of current youth services and legislation to address it. The public was able to raise questions addressed to the International research team.

After the lunch break, the attendees were able to hear the recommendations developed in the framework of the project to improve the legislation and services to address violence perpetrated by children and young people. Recommendations were presented by Mrs. Patricia Quílez (Resilis Foundation) and Mrs. Dashenka Kraleva (FICE Bulgaria).


The first day of the conference ended with the presentation of a success story by a young person, former resident in residential care, together with the director of the residential centre Josep Maria Hernandez (Resilis Foundation). The presentation aroused great interest among the professionals attending the Conference.


The second day of the International Conference started with the presentation of the Handbook by Mr. Josep Vidal, Project Coordinator for the Spanish team. All attendees received a copy of the handbook, which contains the main results and recommendations developed in the framework of the Together Against Violence project.

Afterwards Dr. Daniel Fierro member of the Spanish research team of the Project Together Against Violence summed up the impact of the project and its dissemination and answered questions raised by the attendees.

The presentation made by Daniel Fierro was followed by the keyspeech on “Outdoor Education: developing a positive potential in tackling the violence” given by Mr. Will Greenway (CYP-P National Center for Innovation and Excellence, USA) and Dr. Carol S. Kelly (FICE USA Representative and Professor Emeritus at California State University Northridge).

Mrs. Dashenka Kraleva (FICE Bulgaria) presented a Statement in the field of children perpetrators of violence which was officially handed to Secretary General of FICE International to be included in the agenda of the organization for the years ahead. Attendees also received a printed copy of the document which can be downloaded from here:
Statenent from International Conference

The two days of activities ended with the official closure of the Conference made by Mrs. Francina Vila, Councillor for Women and Civil Rights of the Barcelona City Council and Mr. Jordi Pascual, President of FICE Spain.


Presentations during the conference:

Project description

Presentation of the Bulgarian Research

Presentation of Austrian results

Presentation of Recommendations

Presentation of Spanish results ES

Presentation of international reports

Presentations of Spanish research

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