The project

Together against violence is a partnership project of Association for Pedagogical and Social Assistance for Children FICE-Bulgaria (BG), Resilis Foundation (ES), Federal Association of Therapeutic Communities of Austria (AT).

The project focuses on the prevention of cases of repeat violence by children and youth aged 14-18 in Bulgaria, Spain and Austria. The specific goals of the project are directed towards:

  • Research and assessment of the factors resulting in acts of violence;
  • Description of the current system of services and its effectiveness;
  • Improvement of the effectiveness through provision of recommendations;
  • Information to the professional community.

Main partner activities

  • Analysis of the prerequisites and the factors leading to children resorting to violence, based on the development and implementation of a specific set of instruments;
  • Pooling and analyzing information on the system currently in operation – regulations and practice;
  • Preparation of specific proposals related to raising the effectiveness of current practices;
  • Organizing and running a series of events, publication of materials, lobbying and advocacy.

The project targets the already identified needs of children who have been involved in acts of violence from Spain, Bulgaria, and Austria aged 14-18 (150 children); and the needs of professionals involved in the services for these children (500 professionals).

The project relates to identified problems and needs of children perpetrators of violence such as the absence of enough reliable information regarding their number, the factors contributing for perpetration of violence and the effective services available for these children in Bulgaria, Spain and Austria.


Project start: 17.12.2012 – Project end: 17.12.2014
Financing: EUR 272 955.12
The project is funded by DAPHNE III Programme of European Union; Priority 4.1.3 Children as victims and perpetrators of violence (CVP)

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